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April 2016

Ramnavami celebration in Parliament

May 2016

Celebrating Pujya Rambapa's 96th Birthday

May 2015

Dhoon highlights

30th April, 2012

Pujya Rambapa was asked to come to the Houses of Parliament and ... The first Hanuman Chalisa was chanted.

Pujya Rambapa and his daughter Bhartidevi Kantaria are welcomed at Pujya Muniji's talk in London.

22 March 2009 - London

Rambapa Muniji.jpg

Pujya Rambapa receives the "Shalin Manav Ratan" award from Anoopam Mission, London. Pujya Shri Rambapa has been honoured with the prestigious "Shalin Manav Ratan" award by Pujya Jashbhai Saheb, head of the Anoopam Mission, on the occasion of Pujya Saheb's 70th birthday. The award was presented to Pujya Rambapa for his tireless and selfless contribution to the Hindu community in the UK.



2001 Khumbh Mela Article

Extract: "This is the biggest religious meet in the world. All the saintly figures have joined hands," said Allahabad resident and businessman Rajesh Bagga. The head of one of the city's more prominent families, Bagga is a devotee of Maruti Ram Baba whose camp fed an estimated 15,000 poor and hungry people every day during the six-week Kumbh Mela."

January 1999

The article below was taken from an American Newspaper describing Pujya Bapa's immense devotion to Lord Hanuman and generosity and want to serve and help those less fortunate.

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