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Hanuman Chalisa

From a young age Pujya Rambapa has felt a profound and mystical connection with Lord Hanumanji and has set about learning everything about Hanumanji’s life, living for His ideals - humility, selfless service, discipline and being the perfect devotee of the Lord. 

Pujya Rambapa’s love for Lord Hanumanji is indescribable; rather it is something that has to be experienced. It can be understood when one witnesses his total absorption in emotion for his Lord, his eyes glow with love, his satsang is filled with passion from the heart and when he dances for the Lord he radiates divine love and energy.  In this ecstatic state, many have been fortunate enough to actually receive the ‘darshan’ of Lord Hanumanji himself.


Pujya Bapa reciting Hanuman Chalisa at the Ved Mandir, New Jersey, 2006

Many Saints have been known to ask Rambaba “Who are you? You have undertaken tasks single-handedly that no human could have accomplished alone…” 

A description by a 16 year old boy seems a fitting answer

“Babaji has a very special blessing from Hanumanji. His personality, his aura, his magnetism and his omnipresence attract one to him. One cannot miss the characteristic serenity and affection in his eyes. In a mere encounter, a troubled mind is healed and left tranquil. He is highly charged with divine energy. People wonder about this energy and its source. This comes from Babaji’s Lord and Master, Shree Hanumanji and is for the welfare of humanity. Many wandering, misguided and hungry souls have been touched and healed by Rambaba. To Rambaba every human is an embodiment of God and he therefore treats everyone with equal love. He says ‘Who am I? I am merely a chosen medium through whom God wants to give’”


Pujya Bapa encouraging the youth to recite the Hanuman Chalisa, 2016

The glories of Lord Hanumanji, are spelt out most beautifully in forty verses composed by Saint Tulsidasji in the 15th century and known as the “Hanuman Chalisa”. Pujya Rambapa has for the past forty years been propagating the immense power, blessings and sense of peace one receives when the Hanuman Chalisa is chanted one hundred and eight times in one sitting. 

In 1970 at the Hindu public’s invitation Pujya Rambapa together with the Jignyasu Satsang Mandal started performing 108 Hanuman Chalisa maha yagnas – lasting seven hours – every week in various households, community centres and temples across the country. In this way many thousands of people experienced the power and benefits of the Hanuman Chalisa and have begun regular recitation of the Hanuman Chalisa themselves. 

nimuben hc 08.jpg

Over the past forty years more than 20,000 Hanuman Chalisa yagnas have been chanted by Pujya Rambapa’s mandal and as news of this service has spread, invitations have come from all over the world. Yagnas have now been conducted in the USA, Canada, Germany, Holland, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Portugal, the Middle East and India. To this day the 108 Hanuman Chalisa Yagna is still performed every Sunday by Pujya Rambapa and the Jignyasu Satsang Mandal at various locations around the UK. If you would like to host a yagna in your home or sponsor one at our centre please contact Mrs. Bhartidevi Kantaria on 0208 459 2703 or e-mail:

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